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Antacids Don’t Improve Pulmonary Fibrosis Outcome

Antacids Don’t Improve Pulmonary Fibrosis Outcome

The debate continues!!!

In the newly published analysis, which included pooled data from the placebo groups of three pirfenidone studies, researchers analyzed the effects of antacid treatment use from baseline on pulmonary function, exercise tolerance, survival, hospital admission, and adverse events over the course of a year.

Of the 624 patients randomized to the placebo arms of the three studies, 291 (47%) received antacid therapy and 333 (53%) did not.

Among the main findings from the pooled analysis:

  • At 52 weeks there was no difference between groups in disease progression.
  • The rate of hospital admission was nonsignificantly higher in the antacid therapy group (22% versus 16%, P=0·0522);
  • Disease progression, mortality, FVC, 6MWD, and hospital admission did not differ between the groups;
  • Overall infections and pulmonary infections were higher in antacid-treated patients with advanced IPF 

The debate continues.

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